9/11 memorial & city incompetence

9/11 Memorial in Hoboken

For all intents and purposes – Hoboken HAS a September 11th (9/11 Memorial). It’s those 57 trees planted over at Pier A Park downtown.

And for the past decade, there has been quite a substantial amount of “chatter” involving another “upgraded” memorial. Public monies, various designs. Failed execution, etcetera.

That pretty much sums it up. On the surface, at least.

Hoboken 911 memorial Pier A Park Gingko Biloba Trees

Tale of two cities and their 9/11 memorials

rosemead CA 911 memorialFor perspective – it might help the casual observer to see what a similar (say “sister”) city like Rosemead, California is like.

I’m not a big fan of California, but Rosemead has a population of about 54,000 residents – much like Hoboken. Yet, they didn’t have the “terror” so close by, or at such a grand scale. But they still were able to commission an artist to create a unique 9/11 memorial for their town. (See image to the right – click to enlarge.)

And over six years as “mayor,” Don Zimmer has created diddly squat for the living or the Hoboken victims. What does that tell you about competence?

Wouldn’t you agree that Don Zimmer is the most incompetent mayor ever to live off the Hoboken property taxpayers?

Maybe we should create a “memorial” for Zimmer? Here’s what the design would entail, if you have an imagination anymore:

One large asphalt pot hole filled with all the refuse that clogs our sewers and washes up on our waterfront, along with some broken bottles and trash from our garbage-strewn streets and parks. The centerpiece will be the No Parking sign erected in the middle of the pot hole with: Here’s to Dawn!

Boy, it sure would be nice if that happened!

Maybe this is why they can afford nice memorials?

Interestingly, in perusing the Rosemead, CA city website – you can see what “salaries” their public officials take. It’s astonishing compared to the “CEO” like paydays our “mayor” gets.

The Mayor and Council of Rosemead all get right around $13,000 per year.

Don Zimmer? In the neighborhood of $200k a year (if you include health benefits and other perks). NO WONDER THEY CANNOT AFFORD A DECENT 9/11 MEMORIAL!

The cost of the Rosemead, CA memorial was LESS THAN DON ZIMMER PAID FOR JUST THE “PLANNERS!” How does that happen?

Enough with the local governments, and the clamoring public. I’d really like to understand what it all means. I mean, really means.

In the end – memorials: personal or public?

One thing I’m having a hard time grasping these days is HOW everyone “expects” to honor and remember loss of life.

Whether 3,000 souls perished or just ONE.

Why does a “mass casualty event” typically garner the need for a public shrine of some kind?

What is the “line in the sand” that “qualifies” a group of deaths to have to be paid for by public (property taxpayer) money? Three deaths? 10? A baker’s dozen? 25? 50? 100? 1000?

You don’t see grants for tombstones for your grandpa, do you?

So if 3,000 grandpa’s die at the local bingo hall, now it’s a public affair?

The Gingko Biloba trees we have at Pier A Park in Hoboken ARE essentially a memorial. Sure, it’s not “Martha Stewart Fancy,” but it’s still a place that was carved out to remember those who perished. Yes, the dinky plastic shrine with engraved names was shoddily built (probably in China), but that can easily be replaced.

Since when did (we) get into the business of “judging” these memorials as if it were a talent show like “America’s Next Best Memorial Designer?”

Why does everyone need to get involved with these memorials anyway? Don’t you know by now that it is essentially impossible to please everyone? (Except when you rob them of air, and you own all the air in the world).

I mean, don’t you see the horrid superficiality in all of this? People want “bling” essentially for whatever memorial it may be. Polished marble. Permanence. Grand scale. None of that can erase the loss. But if grand scale helps ease the pain of your loss – don’t you think your priorities are screwed up?

Sure, “mayor” Don Zimmer is a bumbling buffoon. It would help if she was assertive and confident in the decision-making arena. But she’s not, she’s over-paid, and has her hands tied due to the bloated salaries holding down the the City of Hoboken. Whatever. Vote anyone OUT who isn’t for reducing city overhead next election. Simple.

But the bottom line is that whether it was 3,000 deaths or just one – each loss was essentially PERSONAL to one group or family. Individual mourning.

If I’m missing something here – please feel free to share. Because a loss is a loss, no matter how many. Just tell that to the families of the 70,000,000 murdered in World War II.

And we’re getting all bent out of shape over a memorial? Please!

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