Hoboken History: Len Luizzi {podcast}

Jay Trelease & Hoboken History: Len Luizzi

Today’s Hoboken Podcast features local radio personality (and traffic chopper reporter) Jay Trelease, speaking with Hoboken Historian Len Luizzi.

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Hoboken History with Len LuizziLen Luizzi talks about his Hoboken roots (which date back to the late 1800’s).

He goes on to speak about the “racial segregation” in the early 1900’s – to the “remix” of Puerto Ricans, Germans, Irish, Italians and more later in the century – and how it took a while to “integrate” into the community.

Len talks about how staggering drunks used to be “harmless,” and how kids actually used to play in the streets (instead of their iPads).

And other ways kids used to have fun was running around in places they weren’t supposed to be, like the rail yards, or the Stevens Institute campus (to subsequently get chased by guards). He laughed when he gave a speech with the President of Stevens, knowing that he was one of the kids “back in the day” involved with all sorts of shenanigans.

Very rich first-person account of life in the Mile Square City.

Listen to a real piece of Hoboken:

Hoboken History Len Luizzi Hoboken Podcast

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