PSE&G Substation

New PSE&G Substation in Hoboken

A bunch of Hoboken411 readers have sent in inquiries about the “new building” up along the Willow Ave. bridge uptown. They were wondering “what is that?”

Well – we’re fairly certain it’s the new PSE&G substation that was “born” as a result of the outages that ensued during Hurricane Sandy.

Local power entities across the region were pressured into building more “sustainable” infrastructure after the convenience of ordinary citizens were compromised during various natural disasters.

Makes sense – okay. Now what?

Sure – having complex power apparatus in locations that can be easily compromised is probably not a good idea.

But I seem to recall that this sub-station was not severely affected by Sandy (we never lost power – one of 100 homes in Hoboken that didn’t). And I think we were on this sub-station. Whatever, not really relevant.

You see how they’re “adjusting” though, right? Let’s “fix” (or “band-aid”) the problems. Will “elevating” the power grid help? Sure – maybe it can avoid MOST of the problems. But not all.

Much of Hoboken is below “sea level.” I can only imagine how that affects long-term plans.

Regardless – it seems that our local power company is at least trying to do something on the surface to mitigate known problems. I hope that NEW problems don’t present themselves anytime soon.

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