Facebook Fraud

How many of you understand the Facebook Fraud?

The title of this post is Facebook Fraud – but it really should be Fakebook Fraud.

I am only composing this post for one reason – to shine the light on how Fakebook artificially INFLATES almost ALL of their “numbers.”

And I cannot even say truly why a company would do that – other than to:

  • Try to demonstrate a (fake) level of success
  • To sell more shit
  • To dupe more idiots into wasting their money

Take a look at these two screen grabs:

Groomsmen dance facebook fraud - Facebook Fraud

groomsmen dance youtube accurate - Facebook Fraud

Videos are a PRIME example – A blatant “fuck you” to everyone

We rarely look at Fakebook. But sometimes we do. And your stupid fucking “timeline” is nothing but videos these days.

And when your “friends” post videos – they pretty much start playing WITHOUT YOUR CONSENT.

Albeit, they have no sound, but that doesn’t matter. If you allow it to “animate” for more than a couple seconds (sound or NO sound), FAKEBOOK COUNTS IT AS A VIEW.

What bullshit is that? It’s like looking at a LINK within an article, and that page getting a “pageview” EVEN THOUGH YOU DID NOT CLICK ON IT! Sounds like fraud to me.

So a “viral” video on Fakebook may show that it has received 90,000,000 views – but how many [people, bots, fake algorithms, etc.] actually watched it to completion? You’ll never know!

For comparison – YouTube (whom Fakebook wants to “destroy”), has an entirely different measuring mechanism.

  1. You have to CLICK PLAY MANUALLY
  2. You have to watch it for at least 30 seconds

Which “stats” are more accurate?

Sadly – Fakebook has such a grip on society. A firm psychological grip, in fact.

Because there are very FEW people out there contesting their legitimacy. You just follow the rabbit down the hole without stopping.

So at the bare minimum, Fakebook inflates their video “views” by at least 20 times. More like 100 times or even 1000 times.

Be careful what you believe these days!

I raise my drink to those who have not been compromised by ANY social media whatsoever. You have supporters and admirers out there, I promise!

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