Trees decimated (for “spy in the sky”)

Eye Spy in the sky installed at Pier C Park

Okay, after the funeral of the trees – well, that didn’t happen – they’re still on “life support,” the new surveillance cameras were finally installed down at Pier C Park.

None of this crap makes you safer. Just more prone to “legal” robbery if you choose to smoke a blunt on the water on a beautiful fall evening. Or get frisky with your new love. Or eat trans-fats. Etcetera.

Remember – those invasive devices are NOT for you. They’re for THEM. Got that?

They don’t call these things the “spy in the sky” for nothing now, do they?

spy in the sky hoboken NJ

Pier C Park Trees decimated – you’ll never guess why!

Oh brother. Trees decimated at Pier C Park.

Why would the city “scalp” such nice trees anyway?

“For the security cameras.”

Apparently the city had an obscured view of the children playing in the sand and people relaxing that they had to butcher these trees.

Don’t you think they should have re-evaluated where these cameras were instead? Utterly moronic.

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Friday, October 16, 2015 10:00 pm

What is the city going to do next summer when the slide is once again unusable because it is scalding hot? The big trees were planted after the first summer of Pier C when the city realized the slide needed to be shaded. So burn the freaking kids who want to use the slide instead of making the cops do their creaking jobs, get out of their cars, and walk down to the park to make sure it’s not being vandalized. Hell, just lock that park every night- no one who would be using it legitimately we’d do so after

Thursday, September 10, 2015 10:24 pm

Forget cutting the budget. Cutting trees much more satisfying!

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