Bike Lanes: Wrong!

Letter: Bike lanes incomplete! Disaster impending!

“Jeez Louise” should be the “catch phrase of Hoboken,” considering the blunders and missteps spewing out of this barely mile-square municipality.

Here’s a letter from Jack about the bike lanes. I’m not sure whether to agree with it – or to say, “what the F are you talking about etiquette and regulations for, you dumb ass?”

But here you go for good measure:

bike lanes in Hoboken NJ

Riiight… Hoboken bike lanes painted incorrectly

“Coming your way! 250 more bikes in Hoboken via “Hudson Bike Share.”

But to date – no rules and regulations as to bike etiquette have been issued, like – must stop at red lights, stop signs, pedestrian crossings, walk your bike areas, no bikes on sidewalks, bike safety equipment – helmets, front light, rear reflectors, horn or bell.

Bicyclists should use bike lanes in the correct direction of traffic. Hoboken must repaint all their streets as DOT–national, state, and municipal specifies that bike lanes are painted on the right hand side of traffic, alongside the car driver’s side. Hoboken has only two blocks painted correctly.

If a car driver is pulled over, I believe the first thing a police officer will ask for is license, registration, and insurance. Will all bike riders have this identification?

In the event of being hit by a bike, AMA cannot refuse anyone medical response. Do not give your identification as the bill will be sent to you. Just give the location of the accident and all hospital bills should be directed to City Hall – Bike Accident Insurance Bureau.”

Jack O’Brien

411 note – I’ll say this for the umpteenth time: BIKE AT YOUR OWN FUCKING RISK! Who the hell is ANYONE to expect other people to care for them (outside of immediate family?)

I’ve been biking sans helmet for four decades – no problem. I’ve never needed “help” from paint or other markings. Guess what – I used my OWN eyeballs and brains to ensure my safety. Amazing, eh?

Apparently not possible anymore in 2015. Goodbye, humanity!

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