Online Lottery Tickets?


State officials are trying to steal generate more revenue by making lottery tickets more accessible to residents.

Do you think this is a good idea? Or will it just bankrupt even more compulsive gamblers?


Codey: Sell more lottery tickets

State lottery tickets may one day be purchased over the Internet—even on cell phones and BlackBerrys. Under a plan announced today by Senate President Richard Codey (D-Essex), they would also be for sale at individual registers in “big-box stores and popular retailers,” with games that “tie into a store’s theme,” he said.

Codey said the plan would increase revenue for the New Jersey lottery and help address the state’s fiscal needs. The Senate president also suggested the state sell advertising space on the back of tickets.

“There are marketing avenues out there today that did not even exist when New Jersey created the lottery,” Codey said. The state lottery was established in 1978. “Like any company that’s looking to expand their market potential, we need to start thinking outside the box and finding new and innovative ways to expand our distribution channels.”

The New Jersey state lottery’s market penetration currently ranks 20th among state lotteries, Codey said. That can be improved by negotiating deals with big-box department stores and other popular retailers to sell lottery tickets, he said.

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