Columbian Soccer Mania

Columbian Soccer Mania in American City {called Hoboken, NJ}

Jeepers. The last place I’d expect to see Columbian Soccer mania would be here in Hoboken. I thought we lived in America?

Well, that is what happened yesterday, as members of the Columbian National Soccer team were exiting the W Hotel to board a bus in front of the lobby.

(They’re playing Peru over at Red Bull Arena tonight).

Why were all these people milling around? And why so fanatical? Like zombies with their phones! How did they get there?

We didn’t even have this many people show up to that stupid Super Bowl XLVIII “party” at Pier A Park a few years ago!

Anyway, while we don’t really see sports as the sole indicator – does anyone else see how the “national identity” of this country has almost whittled away completely? (And don’t throw the whole “diversity” crap out either. It’s BS and you know it).

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