Eli Manning doesn’t tweet {podcast}

Actual news story: Eli Manning doesn’t tweed

Earlier this week, the NY Post actually published a news story that Eli Manning doesn’t tweet.

They begin this so-called article saying that “everyone else” flocks to their lockers to grab their smart phones to see “what they missed.” (Yeah, an actual affliction in the real world – “FOMO,” or “fear of missing out.”)

Then they get a multitude of quotes from Eli Manning, on how he doesn’t use it – not now, and not ever interested.

“I think if you listen to everything everybody says about you it’s probably not a good thing, whether they’re saying good things or negative things,” said Manning.

Manning added, “I’m not going to take the time to be on my phone. Usually when I’m at home, I try to avoid the phone, I try to be with my family and have a conversation with the people around me rather than trying to communicate with a bunch of people I don’t know.”

Say what you want about Eli, or how bad the Giants will stink this year – but he seems to have the right logic when it comes to what’s important in life.

The article continues, mentioning what he watches on TV, etc. All in all, a “fluff” piece. No big deal, on the surface.

In fact, Hoboken411 and Hoboken Internet Radio touched on this briefly this week. Listen to the podcast:

Eli Manning doesnt tweet - Eli Manning doesn't tweet {podcast}

Hidden meaning: Almost portraying Eli as an outcast?

I find stories like this fascinating, not because of the “subject matter,” but rather the hidden meanings that may be contained within.

The story mentioned above added that Eli was the 2nd oldest player on the team at 34 years old, and that the punter at age 36 was the only one older.

They make him sound like an old geezer!

To be 34 and not on social media is very unique, as you’re not too far from the millennial bracket.

But how a story about social media “infiltrated” a professional sports section in a major city newspaper is curious. Almost seems by design. To give the ever-expanding social media curse even more presence. To have the subject of social media penetrate every aspect of life.

Many of you know how certain stories make the rounds, and quite possibly may be because they’re considered a “useful tool” in shaping the perception of the ignorant public.

The fact that this god-awful communication tool called Twitter is talked about (and used) so pervasively should be our main concern, right?

I don’t know how Eli didn’t “lose it” after being asked such absurd questions. About communication minutia.

If I were him, my responses would have been more like “what kind of stupid question is that? Ask me something pertaining to the sport I play, not what I do or don’t do outside the game!”

Sigh. Another visible notch in the belt tightening on the (lack of) sanity in our modern times.

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