Transgender is: “BS-Gender-Gate!”

I’m going to call this whole “transgender” thing out right now.

It does not take a rocket scientist to see what is happening. A good part of this is the result of, for the lack of a better phrase, “fucked up media bullshit.”

Kids are most certainly heavily influenced by their environment(s). This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Parental upbringing
  • MEDIA (which includes TV, internet, magazines, movies, etc.)
  • PEERS (which includes all of the MEDIA, just “second hand”)
  • Schools (revisionist history, “liberal” policies – including transgender, gay, lesbian, bi-sexual)
  • And much more – like advertisements (billboards) and even CHURCHES!

Back in the day, “parental upbringing” was enough to solidify your child in the right direction.


Parents are the MINORITY when it comes to the amount of influence they have on their OWN children, offspring, whatever you want to label them as.

Must suck to be a parent these days.

Transgender bullshit in America

How do you “control” what your child “ingests?”

I’d surmise to say that it’s next to impossible unless you’re either a home-schooler – or AMISH.

Because you can be the best parents in the world – but it wouldn’t take FIVE MINUTES to accost your kids with the “bad vibes” of the world.

Why? Because of the EASY access to such rubbish.

iPads. Cell phones. Computers. Tablets.

And if you “starve” your children of such rubbish, it is absolutely INEVITABLE that some douche-bag kid in school will introduce trash into your children’s mind ONE WAY OR THE OTHER.

It’s just terribly sad that children cannot have a truly innocent upbringing anymore.

Why is it that way? What is preventing an insurgence?

Well, I’m not to say that there aren’t many parents out there who are indeed forming that so-called insurgence.

It’s just that they are out-numbered.

By far.

I’ve witnessed first-hand the number of people who just plop their kids in front of some kind of screen. Basically to shut them up and keep them occupied, because they COULD NOT BE BOTHERED WITH RAISING THEIR OWN KID!

I mean that. If a kid is bitching and moaning about this or that – you DO NOT slap a tablet in front of them. You’ve just disarmed yourself even MORE! Why would you do that?

You take that opportunity to build a bond between you and that poor kid. Show them what true human interaction is.

The minute you put that digital robot in front of them, you’re just defeating yourself.

Find support groups

The most important thing when you’re dealing with such a fast paced, and almost impossible to defeat monolith – is to find support in numbers.

Find a group of moms or dads that choose to raise their kids in a more wholesome way.

Teach them the meaning of hard work. Struggle. Trial and error. Experimentation. Failure. Lessons. And more.

I can bet there are plenty of groups out there like this. It’s just common sense.

Whether it’s feasible in Hudson County is another thing. Because I think the kids will need to be out somewhere further away from the city to TRULY get it. A “garden” in some small plot in the back of a brownstone only has so much reach.

Back to “transgender”

To get back to the point – which is how and why any kid would ever want to be a “transgender” is mind-boggling.

That kid in Chicago (or nearby) who wanted to be in the girls locker room. Something NOT RIGHT with that.


  1. Wanted to get his rocks off looking at girls he’d never have a chance with because he’s a loser. (Pretty clever, actually)
  2. Was truly “mind-fucked” to the point where he might as well check himself into an institution because he needs rehabilitation. Who gets like that under “normal” circumstances?

My point is – if everything was truly “normal,” no one in their right mind would EVER get to that point! You’d have various levels of support along the way, and you’d never reach such an extreme level of retardation.

This is a combination of what I mentioned before. He had poor parental upbringing…. Sure they may have “meant well,” but at the same time they also bought the “mainstream” bullshit hook, line and sinker.

We won’t mention that this kid was “likely” on psychotropic drugs, had “counseling” in school, and at the same time NO ONE analyzed that maybe the bullshit media he was soaking up had any effect on him. Nah, could never happen, right?

How do you view this whole weird “sexual stupidity?”

Who knows – it could all just be fake – designed to unravel the fabric of a decent society.

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Wednesday, September 16, 2015 11:34 am

The whole TG-bathroom issue could easily be resolved if we just admitted to ourselves that bathrooms aren’t actually divided along gender lines, they’re divided along genitalia. If you can stand and pee, there’s a facility that accomodates that. If you must sit, we have a room for you too. We’ll probably see unisex facilities before we ever admit this though.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015 6:08 am

This pretty much sums up the whole “transgender” hysteria:

Tuesday, September 15, 2015 10:50 am

Don’t be surprised if they make pedophilia and other fringe elements of society and try to normalize them too. They’ve already begun with polygamy.

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