Israel’s 60th Birthday Celebration


Want to celebrate Israel’s 60th birthday? Well head down to Mulligans on Thursday, May 15th from 8-11pm. $35 all you can drink top-shelf.


Israel’s 60th Birthday Celebration

JYAH2 (Jewish Young Adults of Hoboken/Hudson) is hosting a party in honor of Israel’s 60th Birthday at Mulligans – 159 1st St, Hoboken. Join us for a night of fun, food, friends, and music from 8-11PM. Top Shelf Open Bar available, $35 for the night. Check out for more information. RSVP to

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Matt-72 No one said Palestinians are 100% innocent, but putting this in prospective they are definitely the ones who got ‘screwed’ more.

You make it sound like the British were there to protect Palestinians, that is absolutely incorrect. The British did expedite the creation of the Nation of Isreal (Belfore Promise? That was all Britain’s work), and even with INTENSE pressure from both the British and Jewish less than 2% of the land was ‘sold’ in legal manner.

IF you saw the CNN documentary about warriors of faith you will get more insight about ‘other’ ways Jewish settlers settled in. How about checking in a hotel and never checking out, ever? and eventually taking over the whole building and being backed by the British police? And that is only one example, there are countless bitter stories about things like that.

Funny you never mentioned ILLEGAL settlers in what is known as Palestinian land ‘fair and square’? This is something that to this day still happens, they are ILLEGAL and are still being built making a bad situation worse.


So who’s going to this thing? 😕 😉

I think hobodave conveniently forgot to mention the several decades of violence between the Jewish & Palestinian communities prior to 1948. There were atrocities committed by both sides going back as far back as the early 1900s. And much of that violence was started by Palestinian (though not all). The Jews more retaliated than initiated the violence (though this was clearly not always the case). Remember that the Jews were both outnumbered AND outgunned by Palestinians up until the British armed them during WWII so it is insane to even think they would “start” trouble w/ their neighbors. But in 1948, the Palestinians realized that the Jews now had tanks & other heavy weapons left over from WWII. And because of the mass migration starting around 1910, the Jewish population also increased from a few tens of thousands to a few hundred thousand. And the vast majority of the first Jewish residents didn’t “push out” the Palestinians, they either settled on empty land or bought out Palestinian occupants. The Jews largely took over Palestinian land AFTER 1948, not prior to that. So it is completely unfair to suggest that when they first arrived, they stole land from anyone (though I would agree that they did so in 1948 and in the wars thereafter). The Palestinians fled not b/c of the massacre, but b/c they realized that without the British there to govern the combined territory, the Jews would be running things because now they had the heavy weapons. And I… Read more »

[quote comment=”80322″][quote comment=”80317″][quote]
Really? What do you call it when a country is given to people at the expense of those already living there?[quote]


Not that we don’t have plenty of company in that regard.

Just sayin’.[/quote]
There’s a significant difference between “conquering the new world” or whatever they called it as they colonized and forced people into assimilation, and what happened 60 years ago in what is now Israel.


Jeez. You throw that out there… Katie, you *know* I am going to ask, so state your case counselor. Show me a significant difference. 😆


October, then