Bikes on streets

Narrow streets + bikes = dumb

I’m telling you – my idea to RESTRICT bicycles on most east / west roads in Hoboken is a great idea. There are only about three roads that might have the wiggle room to be compatible with all modes of transportation.

But the other day, I got stuck behind a simple box truck on third street:

narrow roads for bicycles in Hoboken NJ - Bikes on streets

This guy couldn’t make it through, because an SUV up ahead wasn’t very good at parallel parking, and was maybe six inches from the curb instead of two. That little amount cause this stretch to be the tightest squeeze in the world!

Then, as the truck made it’s way ahead, I saw this funny scene: A bike lane marker on the road.

All I could think of “that’s what’s going to happen to someone soon on these narrow streets.” SPLAT!

Too bad our limp-wristed administration can only coddle bikers, instead of being realistic and logical. Oh well for someone!

bikes incompatible in Hoboken NJ - Bikes on streets

Bikes on streets should be restricted in Hoboken!!!


As a suitable follow-up to the stupid “bike lane paint gripe” recently posted, no matter which way you slice it – bikes are a nuisance in Hoboken.

While we sometimes talk about bikes on sidewalks disrupting pedestrians, bikes on streets (some of them at least), are hazardous to drivers as well.

bikes on streets First Hoboken NJ - Bikes on streets

Certain streets in Hoboken are just TOO narrow to allow for both bicycle and pedestrian traffic. Mostly, the east/west “streets” are the worst – so narrow that you can barely parallel park, let alone permit these amateur cyclists to co-exist with the almighty motor vehicle.

On the other hand, most north/south avenues and streets are wide enough for BOTH double parkers and wrong-direction cyclists!

bikes on streets Adams Hoboken NJ - Bikes on streets

Solution: Limit roads for bikes

The way to solve this problem is to PROHIBIT bikes from most east/west roads. Plain and simple.

Allow bikes to use 14th Street, 11th Street, and Observer Highway ONLY.

Issue $2,000 tickets for anyone caught riding on the prohibited streets.

I will guarantee you that not one progressive politician can see the merit in this. Because “God forbid” they try to regulate the bicycle lunatics.

But I wouldn’t be surprised if maybe some of them start thinking about it the minute some spandex-wearing cycle-freaks start dropping dead from vehicular collisions on the narrow streets. It’s just a matter of time.

bikes on streets in Hoboken disrupt traffic - Bikes on streets

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Surely you can appreciate the hypocrisy in ranting against all things regulatory and government-imposed, constantly demanding that government butt out of your life, yet proposing government regulation to serve your anti-bike agenda? This town has morons in cars, morons on bikes, and morons walking the sidewalks (and streets). Punishing one set of morons only enables the other morons to continue with their bad behavior.


There is more on that site…

Q. Where do I ride if there is no shoulder or bike lane and the travel lane is too narrow to share?
The best approach is to position yourself several feet out into the lane where motorists will see you and not be invited to squeeze by in the same lane. On narrower lanes, ten feet or less, a bicyclist might actually “take the lane”, i.e., position themselves at or near the center of the lane. This enables them to be seen by overtaking vehicles and gives the message that the overtaking vehicle must move left to pass when it is safe to do so.

Q. Can I ride a bike on the sidewalk?
While riding a bicycle on a sidewalk is not prohibited by New Jersey statutes, some municipalities have passed ordinances prohibiting bicycle traffic on certain sidewalks. This prohibition is usually posted. It should be noted, that sidewalks are for pedestrians. Riding on sidewalks can cause conflicts with pedestrians and, like wrong way riding, can lead to crashes since it places bicyclists in situations where others do not expect them. Except for very young cyclists under parental supervision, sidewalks are not for bicycling.


I understand in a setting like Hoboken with limited parking, some people not owning cars, etc., bikes should be a great way to get around however it’s completely unregulated and unsafe. As a pedestrian I’ve been hit by a biker who was going against traffic (and by the way didn’t stop to see if I was ok or apologize) and as a driver I am so scared of hitting one because of the way they ride.
New Jersey has all the bike regulations in place ( the problem is that the city doesn’t enforce them because they are too busy trying to hand out parking tickets.
The regulations clearly state that bikes need to ride on the street, not the sidewalk, as far right as possible, ONLY ride in the direction of traffic and following all motor vehicle laws….which means they too need to obey stop signs, traffic lights, etc. If bikers could obey riding in the direction of traffic and obeying lights and stop signs I think there would be a dramatic improvement in safety and less frustrations. I also wish more cars would obey stop signs but I won’t get started on that one…..