A tale of two choices

Choices you make when “outdoors” in Hoboken

As people embark on this long “holiday weekend,” it’s safe to assume that many will spend their time outdoors.

But what choices do you make? What do you do differently outdoors?

I saw an interesting contrast the other day at Church Square Park.

Spotted this couple here playing a dainty game of badminton. Something you definitely cannot do indoors, and they looked like they were having fun.

Hoboken choices activity and exercise - A tale of two choices

Then a few feet later – saw this gaggle of girls lazily “relaxing” on the artificial turf – and they were all just pecking around on their phones!

Hoboken choices passive technology smart phone - A tale of two choices

You can choose to have boundaries with your technology

Just because your phone is highly portable and almighty powerful – and can do all sorts “neat” things, you don’t have to bring it with you wherever you go.

I think it’s pretty important for the now majority of people heavily addicted to their phones to at least “look in the mirror” to see what is happening to them. To challenge themselves at changing for the better.

By putting limits on how much you “need” to use that phone can have a profound impact on your life. And I can bet that 90% of smart phone users feel mightily uncomfortable if they do not have their phones with them (or the battery is dead).

Isn’t that nuts?

Enjoy your “free time” this weekend!

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