Beth Mason not seeking Hoboken reelection

2nd Ward Councilwoman Beth Mason will not seek reelection


Beth Mason Not Seeking Reelection in Hoboken NJ - Beth Mason not seeking Hoboken reelectionCouncilwoman Beth Mason announced today that she will not seek reelection for a third term on the Hoboken City Council. Mason has represented Hoboken’s 2nd Ward since 2007. Mason pledged to remain involved and continue to help improve Hoboken.

“It has been an honor to represent the people of Hoboken’s 2nd Ward on the City Council,” said Councilwoman Beth Mason. “Hoboken is a great place to live and raise a family, and I will continue to stay involved to help improve Hoboken’s quality of life. I am proud of my two terms on the City Council. I didn’t run because I needed a job. I ran because there was a job to do and I believe the 2nd Ward is better off now than it was when I first took office. Before taking office, I served as the Chair of the Master Plan Subcommittee and tackled important issues as a civic activist. I am going to continue to stay involved and will always remain at the forefront of issues that are important to our community.”

During her time in office, Mason championed issues such as public safety, park and open space preservation, campaign finance reform, and government transparency. Thanks to Mason’s efforts to create and protect more open spaces like 1600 Park, the 2nd Ward has more parks than any other ward in Hoboken. Mason also makes the health, safety, and welfare of residents her top priority, tackling important issues such as pedestrian safety, fire safety, and even gun control.

“Two issues really stand out to me from my time on the City Council,” Mason said. “The first is when I sponsored a resolution in support of The NY Daily News petition drive calling for a ban on all assault weapons and high-capacity magazines and calling to institute comprehensive gun control. While it was not something the City Council could address directly, all but one Council member supported the resolution, and we were able to collect over 7,500 signatures in support of the effort. It is always important for government to give residents a voice on important issues such as gun control.”

“The other highlight that stands out from my time in public service was watching the community come together to preserve more than 2 acres of open space and create 1600 Park,” said Mason. “Community activists worked together to stop unreasonable and unsafe development, and because of their efforts, families now have a wonderful park space they can enjoy.”

Mason plans to stay involved in various advocacy efforts, including the movement against the controversial “Monarch at the Shipyard” project. The Monarch project includes plans to build two high-rise towers at Sinatra Drive and Shipyard Lane in Hoboken, an area which was originally designated for public use.

“The Monarch at the Shipyard will place an additional strain on our public transportation and infrastructure systems,” said Mason. “I will continue to put the people of Hoboken first and fight any development projects like the Monarch project that negatively impact our quality of life.”

In addition, Mason has always stood up for transparency in government and fiscal responsibility.

As City Council President, Mason sponsored the most comprehensive campaign finance reform in the nation. In addition, Mason helped to successfully institute the policy of videotaping City Council and Board of Education meetings and televising them at no cost to taxpayers.

“I have learned so much serving the people of Hoboken on the City Council and have met so many hardworking men and women during my time in office,” Mason continued. “Hoboken’s families and businesses are still recovering from the economic downturn, and we need to do all that we can to ensure everyone has the same opportunity to thrive and live a wonderful quality of life. Making sure that government is working in the best interest of the people it serves is critical in that effort. I plan to continue standing up for the causes I’ve always believed in because I believe in Hoboken and the great people who love our community.”

Editor’s note: While we sometimes agreed with some of Beth Mason’s overall “objectives” (like transparency in government, public records, etc.) – it’s obvious her effectiveness was not up to par. She would have benefited greatly from some public speaking lessons, and the whole “Rules for Radicals” based mentality. But that didn’t happen. And that’s a story for another day, if it’s even worthy of going down that road.

And the whole liberal stance on “gun control” is ludicrous. Has she not read the fucking constitution? Guns don’t kill people. PEOPLE DO! Holy crap! Let’s not go there either!

But in the end – “politics” to this author is one of the biggest bullshit scams running on planet Earth (care to guess what a few of the others are?) And people come and go like any oceanic tide. Other than dictators that “rule” for a multitude of decades, or “Royal Families” who do the same – most of the sheep(le) on our globe are not of that very special gene pool of people who thrive in the position of “rule” over others. We just want to be content in life.

But we’re actually happy for Mrs. Mason. It’s probably the best choice she’s made to just back off “official” civics for a while at least.

It’ll be interesting to see which (puppet) person will “represent” the Mayor’s gang – and if any (real, honest, ordinary) residents might give it a shot as well. I have a few good candidates in mind.

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