Welcome to Hoboken! {part II}

Welcome to Hoboken (come enjoy our slothiness!)

Yesterday, we took a look at a “real” Welcome to Hoboken sign – and tried to read between the lines as to who exactly was “welcome” in Hoboken.

Today, we have a different “Welcome to Hoboken” picture. It’s not about greed, over-development or over-reaching (and inept) politicians. Not at all. It’s about the sloppy, lazy assholes you live amongst!

You know those property taxpayer ripoff robotic big belly solar garbage cans?

Well, we don’t need to remind you how we feel about them here – how about an ordinary Hoboken resident?

“These stupid garbage cans are every 10 feet it seems, but people STILL can’t just walk to the next one and put their trash there. No! This pigsty is so aggravating! What is wrong with people?

Also, I personally saw them changing the bags the other day, and these fancy bins don’t appear to do a fucking thing “special” at all! It looked just like regular garbage that hadn’t been compacted or anything! How much were these ridiculous things again?”

There you have it: proof that press releases and faux good news does NOT help the environment one single iota!

Solar Garbage in Hoboken NJ

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Embarrasing, with the high property taxes that they can’t keep the city clean at least.