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Podcast: ZenSpace Hoboken “Keep Your Cool” with Chinese Medicine

Summer may be almost over but the heat is certainly still on. Kristen Mangione at ZenSpace Studios in Hoboken shares ancient Chinese Medicine tips how to keep your “Fire” and “Water” elements in balance.

Take a listen to this calming yet informative podcast about how to get your alignment back, as well as the different kinds of energies that are present in seasons like summer and winter, and how we naturally partake in different activities to match those energies.

Interesting how coffee, even when “iced,” still adds heat to your body. So you might want to resist the temptation for caffeinated drinks and spicy foods if you’re trying to find your inner peace.

Good stuff!

Chinese Medicine Podcast Kristen Mangione ZenSpace Hoboken NJ

About ZenSpace

Find True Wellness. Do you notice yourself having a hard time unwinding and feeling calm instead of constantly stressed?

You are not alone. A society that rewards more and more work, sometimes impossibly high standards of career, family and self-image can make the pressure seem unbearable at times. Our pains and symptoms are an invitation not just to feel better, but become truly well.

ZenSpace offers classes and treatments that promote true wellness.​​ Based in the holistic or whole concept of health, these practices address body and mind simultaneously. Eastern medicine understands whatever occurs in one aspect of us will have an impact on every other part.

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