Hoboken Week in Review – 4/20/2008


Your weekly snapshot of the hot topics in Hoboken.

A week left till the much anticipated “mental vacation” I’ve been meaning to take! Hooray!

If you’d like to contribute a piece (and it can be almost anything Hoboken related) please see this post from last week to find out what I’m looking for! C’mon, you really have a lot to say, don’t you?


Here are the Top 10 articles published or bumped this week that had the hottest overall chat action in Hoboken!

Hottest topics of the week

  1. Taking Advantage
    Tax-collector sued for improper construction, as residents finally stand up to abuse of government positions in Hoboken.
  2. Class is in session
    The Hoboken Board of Education election is complete. Some residents are disgusted with the outcome.
  3. Legal column sparks controversy
    The way the Hoboken411 Legal Beagle responded to one letter pretty much pissed a lot of people off. What can I do? I’m just the messenger!
  4. More ELEC investigations
    Another non-winning council candidate is having his “procedures” under review. This also pissed some people off. I can’t win!
  5. Astro Turf isn’t as cute as the cartoon dog
    While not “deadly,” Hoboken plays it safe by shutting down a park that was deemed to have higher than acceptable lead levels. Artificial surfaces to blame.
  6. Slap Stick
    Chatter about the NHL Playoffs, and the local PATH series between the Rangers and Devils.
  7. No more animal abuse
    Jersey City animal “shelter” finally gets shut down, much to the delight of animal activists across the universe.
  8. We’re #260!
    The State releases their school rankings. Hoboken is rated in a rather unfavorable way.
  9. Red carpet under Corzine’s feet
    Debacle brewing at Maxwell Place, as some homeowners are left out to dry as NJ’s Governor gets his way.
  10. I got uh lot uv votez for the bord of edukashun election
    He set himself up for this, but leading vote-getter Carmelo Garcia sends a thank you note riddled with errors. Shouldn’t a BoE candidate be a bit more careful?

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