Ashley Madison Hoboken {Podcast}

Ashley Madison Hoboken user accounts – so what? {listen to Podcast}

The latest “drama” Hoboken411 and Hoboken Internet Radio discuss on our Podcast is the wholeheartedly stupid news of the Ashley Madison Data “leak.”

Listen here:

The world is a fucked up place – does this make a difference?

For one, we doubt there were 6,100 “active” accounts in Hoboken. If so – boy, we have 6,100 suckers with no game whatsoever.

Going online to get laid? And especially going online to either cheat, or be with another person who wants to cheat? What a fake fucking world you live in. Yikes!

Has Ashley Madison made “infidelity” easier? Or just more convenient? Or is it all just a giant “tease?”

We could go on and on (listen to the podcast to hear the meat of our sentiments).

But the more you surround yourself with technology and all the ways it makes your life “easier,” along with more “social,” comes with some terrible caveats – one being you somehow forget about honor and respect. You fail to understand what a real relationship is (hard work). Your narcissism “redlines” in 8th gear, and there’s no slowing down except the hard way – crashing!

Ashley Madison. What a joke that whole scene / industry is /was.

Ashley Madison Hoboken Podcast does it matter

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I’m not familiar with that podcast. Who are the hosts?


You reap what you sow. I know of a couple relationships that are on the ropes today because of this.