Your commuting nightmare

Why not treat commuting nightmares as opportunities?

If you truly want to be somewhere fun (the beach, casino, concert), getting stuck in traffic is not the best situation. However, for those with a “daily grind,” we often hear about commuting nightmares that plague either the morning or evening rush hours. Are they really “commuting nightmares?”

For one, whether it’s mass transit (bus, subway, train), you ought to already expect regular displays of public agency ineptitude, and not perfect performance. When you come to grips with that, you’ll never be “disgusted” with their lack of competence.

Same with roads and highways, although you are more in control of your eventual route – so it’s not as bad.

That said – instead of bitching and moaning about your “commuting nightmare,” why aren’t more people prepared to handle debacles that are essentially a given?

to hell with the commuting nightmare - Your commuting nightmare

Top 10 ways to better your commuting nightmare

  1. Have a face-to-face conversation with a real person! (Mass transit.)
  2. Enrich your brain. (Books – mass transit; audio books – driving.)
  3. Strengthen your grip.
  4. Manage your finances, future expenses, and to-do lists.
  5. Meditate. (Mass transit – please don’t do that while driving!)
  6. Try and memorize the numbers stored in your phone (Mass transit! Keep your eyes on the road!)
  7. Test your skills – turn off your phone completely.
  8. Stop at a place you’ve never been.
  9. Call out sick – take a “me” day. (Especially if you have an asshole boss. Use that “me day” to scope out new job opportunities!)
  10. Figure out where you went wrong in your life that you’re in this “rat race” to begin with, and start planning your exit.

And these were just off the top of my head!

By viewing what most people call “inconveniences” as opportunities instead – you’ve already improved your life profoundly.

Carry on!

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Wednesday, September 2, 2015 7:50 pm

Nothing worse than that commute from hell diatribe.

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