“A Nice Tavern”


An event for you to attend at the Hoboken Historical Museum this Sunday, April 20th at 4pm.

Remembering the Continental Hotel and the Union Club

“A Nice Tavern” Chapbook Launch this Sunday, April 20

a-nice-tavern-hoboken-historical-museum-chapbook.jpgThe second oral history chapbook in the “Making Strides” series will be released on Sunday, April 20, 2008 at 4 p.m., during a free event at the Hoboken Historical Museum. “A Nice Tavern: Remembering the Continental Hotel and the Union Club, Recollections of Paul Samperi,” is a lively account of Hoboken during Prohibition and beyond, and provides fascinating insights into the street smarts and business acumen of Paul Samperi’s father, Joseph, who rose from dockside flower-seller to owner of two of Hoboken’s most prominent hotels.

Samperi’s purchase of the Union Club was viewed by many in Hoboken as more than just a personal accomplishment. Originally founded by German immigrants in 1864 as the Deutscher Club von Hoboken, the purchase of this popular establishment by an Italian-American signaled to many in Hoboken’s “Little Italy” that they, too, might find success in a city previously known as “Little Bremen.” The Union Club became the premier setting for weddings and many parties and events sponsored by City Hall and Hoboken-based businesses through the 1940s and 1950s. In the 1980s it was converted into luxury housing.

All who attend the April 20 event will receive a copy of “A Nice Tavern.” We hope that past and present Hoboken residents will also share their own stories of celebrations held at the Union Club and their recollections of good times had at the Continental Hotel.

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This is the building on the corner of Hudson and 6th, no? If it is, it’s a beautiful building, both inside and out.


I have ALL the chapbooks and if you are at all interested in in the town you call home, you should check them out. They are a great window of what the town & its’ people used to be like.