Michael’s Pizza & Wings

Michael’s Pizza & Wings – Weehawken, NJ

A little over five years ago, a place called King of Wings & Pizza opened up just over the Willow Ave. bridge in neighboring Weehawken.

They’re now called “Michael’s Pizza & Wings.”

Michaels Pizza Wings Weehawken NJ - Michael's Pizza & Wings

While we don’t eat pizza anymore – it appears nothing is different about this pizza joint other than the name.

Why is that?

Yelp turning people into unadventurous bitches

King of Wings Pizza got some pretty bad reviews on Yelp (which should go away). Mainly because people were upset with delivery times.

And some people who put all their eggs in one basket on “important” days like Super Bowl Sunday got shafted with delayed deliveries (who doesn’t plan ahead for moronic holidays like that anyway?)

Because King of Wings probably didn’t “pay the ransom” to Yelp – they were flooded with one-star reviews.

And because no one can think on their own anymore, the mentally-enslaved morons who RELY on “apps” and “reviews” to choose their pizza places, probably put a financial hurting on King of Wings Pizza.

Hence, the new name “Michael’s Pizza & Wings.”

The funny thing is – I be this will help their business, because the bone-heads out there probably can’t put 2+2 together and realize they just changed their name – and think it’s a “new” pizza place! Haha!

Description: Pizza, Wings and tons of other unhealthy food options.
Address: 1822 Willow Avenue, Weehawken, NJ 07086
Phone: 201-766-2635 and 201-766-2636

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