Streets collapse

Hoboken recipe: Pave, streets collapse, repeat

Jeez – another “born in Hoboken” type calamity: watching streets collapse shortly after paving.

Hoboken streets collapse Madison Street

Another one uptown on Madison between 14th & 15th. The area around a manhole has sunk in.

Upon inspection, it didn’t appear to pose any threat to motor vehicles driving over it – but I wouldn’t take the chance. You never know what the shoddy structure underneath is like – or what might collapse next.

What ever happened to doing things right the first time? I know humans aren’t perfect – but you need a higher level of competence for certain important tasks.

streets collapse hoboken NJ

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Humans do make mistakes, which is why the contract required field inspections by the City Engineer. If the Engineer did do the inspection and missed this…we have a problem. If the City Engineer did not do the inspection, then we have an even BIGGER PROBLEM because there is no way of knowing how many of these holes will pop up. This is so typical of the Zimmer Administration. She wants to put on a show but has no regard for quality or safety. Take a look around at the City Parks and you will see how she neglects things right after she takes the pictures for the press.Church Square and Elysian Parks are a mess. The skate park by the Multi Center has had storm fencing up for weeks…but no contractor in sight. When is enough enough???


We saw this recently while driving up to Trader Joe’s in Edgewater. Didn’t seem like a major problem. But I hear what you’re saying about the blatant problems in the parks. They’re dropping the ball all over the city. The heat is getting too hot in the kitchen.