Eli Manning got married this weekend

4/20/2008 bump:

eli-manning-abby-mcgrew-wedding-married-mexico.jpgCongratulations “Mr. & Mrs. Manning!”

Our local MVP Eli Manning said “I do” to his fiancée Abby McGrew, in a beach front ceremony at a resort in Mexico. Smart move… 411 recommends against boring churches and wedding halls.

You can check the Daily News site for more of the same.

Probably the best deal on Orbitz.com, they got married at the One & Only Palmilla in Baja California, Mexico, on the Sea of Cortez.

McGrew wore a strapless white gown with gold embroidering (eventually ended up on the floor); her bridesmaids wore champagne-colored (hides the stains better) strapless dresses (also ended up on the floor). Eli and his six groomsmen (and 2007 Super Bowl MVP brother Peyton) wore khaki-colored suits. Does Banana Republic sell these too?

The newspaper reiterated that Eli proposed to Abby last March “during a quiet date in Hoboken.” Wow, our city’s name got mentioned!


hoboken-eli-manning-wedding-abby-mcgrew.jpgThe Daily News reported today the Eli Manning is all set to get married to his sweetheart Abby McGrew.

Will his performance next season be affected by this?

“The Super Bowl hero and college sweetheart Abby McGrew were flying to Mexico Thursday for a Saturday wedding at the One&Only Resort.

“It will be small, just friends and family,” a Manning friend said.

The wedding party will include Manning’s brother, Peyton, who won Super Bowl XLI with the Indianapolis Colts. Their older brother, Cooper, will be there, along with their parents, Olivia and Archie, also a retired football great.

Eli Manning, 27, proposed to McGrew, 24, in March 2007. The couple met while students at the University of Mississippi.

The perky blond is a Nashville native working in Manhattan as an account executive for Pamela Roland, a designer of evening wear and wedding dresses.

Eli Manning is famously low-key and has repeatedly told friends he planned an understated wedding.

He reportedly proposed during a quiet night at home at their Hoboken, N.J., condo – and McGrew quickly said yes. “

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[quote comment=”78760″][quote comment=”78750″]I’ve got no problem with Eli. I just think that whole idea from a few months ago (naming a street after him) was foolhardy.[/quote]
Oh yea, that was ridiculous, but that’s Mayor McCheese for you![/quote]

I think it’s a great idea. Eli is the man!


Nothing like those great photos of you getting married right after a shoobie sunburn.


Early January last year I went to Liberty to watch the Florida-Ohio State football game for the national championship. He was at the bar with some other football looking guys, but I didn’t recognize him. Curiosity got the better of me so I asked the guys sitting next to me.

Me: Do you know who the football looking guys over there are?
First guy: Who? Oh, hey that’s Eli Manning.
Second guy: Hey that is Eli Manning. Wanna go over and tell him he sucks?
All of us: Ha ha ha.


I was over at Elysian Park and he and his future wife came walking through. A group of friends started a game of touch football, right there in Elysian, and he joined in for about an hour. OK, NOT! I just didn’t have anytihng else to say.


[quote comment=”78715″]Do you think Eli reads 411?

Has anyone ever even seen this guy out anywhere? I hear he likes Frankie and Johnny’s.[/quote]
Saw both of them in 8th street