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Viaquenti Academy – Jersey City

Here’s a quick update (with photos) about the Viaquenti Academy over in nearby Jersey City.

For one, they changed their name from Viaquenti Preschool to Viaquenti Academy. This was done because now they take older children.

And I wanted to check the place out, because it’s apparent in today’s society – that (most) single-income families cannot raise children they way they used to (at least in high-rent, high-property value places like Hudson County). So the need for good child care is in order.

Viaquenti seems to fit the bill – with options from little infants – all the way up to six years old.

The afternoon we spent there, it was apparent that it was well-run. Kids were all happy, involved in activities, and getting along with one another. They had six rooms for various age groups from infant up to kindergarten. There was also a large “activity room” where kids could essentially work out. Kick-boxing, wall-climbing, and more. All the necessary safety apparatus was in place to ensure your child’s well-being.

I also got to witness several parents pick their kids up – and had smiles on their faces. A good sign when it comes to deciding where to entrust the care of your offspring.

See photos and contact info below.

Description: Preschool for kids
Address: 837 Jersey Ave., Jersey City, NJ 07310
Phone: (201) 222-0033 / (201)217-8707

Viaquenti Preschool – Cast Iron Lofts – Jersey City


On the way to Home Depot the other day, I spotted this interesting development up at the Cast Iron Lofts building across the border in Jersey City. A Viaquenti Preschool is opening up at this location.

Viaquenti Preschool Jersey City NJ Cast Iron Lofts

The Viaquenti “philosophy” sound much like a Montessori type model:

“Each child possesses the natural ability to wonder and the desire to learn about the world that surrounds them. We acknowledge and respect that children have the right to wonder using their unique abilities. We nurture that wonder by providing freedom to explore their environment; listening, observing, researching and facilitating.

Our unique curriculum is based on the Multiple Intelligences Theory which focuses on the concept that each child possesses different talents. Based on the individual talents and interests of each child our teachers develop projects that encourage the development of that ability. Parallel to this process, the teachers introduce strategies to discover and nurture new talents that will contribute to the appropriate development of the child.”

Packages for kids from one year old to five years old range from $12,000 per year to $16,500 per year. After school programs are close to $4,000 per year.

At first I was a bit astonished that the sign read “Ages 3 months to 2nd Grade,” thinking “wow, just three months and you dump your kid in some kind of external program?” But I found out it’s essentially day care, which many families need these days. “Infants” range from $15,000 (2 days a week) all the way up to $21,600 for a five day a week plan. They’ll watch your infant from 7:30am to 6:00pm.

You’d need to save up $120,000 cash to be able to afford private day care, early preschool, preschool, pre-k and kindergarten until your child is six years old. Yikes!

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Monday, August 24, 2015 3:35 pm

Hi everyone!

Our website is a little outdated and our new website is in the works and will be up shortly! (Still at the same web address We have since changed our name to Viaquenti Academy and have expanded into our second location in the Cast Iron Loft building.

We are different from Montessori since we offer both child guided and teacher guided activities. There is a structure to the school day and teachers are planning daily lesson plans. The lessons will develop fine motor, gross motor, cognitive, language and literacy, mathematics, social/emotional, sciences, sensory, creativity, and self help skills all on a developmentally appropriate level.

While we follow the multiple intelligence theory and project based approach for our younger classes we are now an IB Candidate School (International Baccalaureate, more information at IBO.ORG) and implement the IB philosophy and curriculum in our classes for children 3 and older (Pre-K, Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd grade and will continue to expand up to 6th Grade).

We also provide a bilingual education teaching our students in English and Spanish!

If you are interested in more information or a tour of the school please email us at

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