Cobra Fencing Club

Cobra Fencing Club – Jersey City, NJ – 629 Grove St.

Since Hoboken doesn’t have any true places to learn fencing – we figured you’d want to know about Cobra Fencing Club, which is just a stones throw from the mile square.

Cobra Fencing Club Jersey City NJ Hudson County

Located at the Lackawanna Warehouse (629 Grove Street), Cobra Fencing Club “is dedicated to fostering the development of fencing in Hudson County. The Club is especially interested in teaching beginners the fundamentals of the exhilarating sport of fencing in a friendly, supportive atmosphere.”

Fencing is definitely one of those “outlier” type activities that not too many people partake in, but if properly branded – could attract a whole new group of enthusiasts.

Here’s why Cobra Fencing Club says you should fence:

  • Improves speed, agility, flexibility, reflexes, and cardiovascular conditioning
  • Enhances integrity, sportsmanship and desire to excel
  • Increases discipline, focus and concentration
  • Develops strategic thinking and decision-making skills

WOW! Sounds like just what the doctor ordered for today’s attention-span starved, bare-minimum effort making, instant-gratification seeking society! “Strategic thinking?” That phrase is foreign to most people I come across these days!

Anyway – classes start up again in September. So sign up today to get trained by former national champions and Olympians!

Description: Fencing club.
Address: 629 Grove St., Jersey City, NJ 07302
Phone: (201)882-2879
Online: cobrafencing.comFacebook

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