Hoboken Island Association


Ever notice those beautiful flowers on the well-maintained “island” on 11th Street between Washington & Willow?

Well they don’t just pop up there by accident. The Hoboken Island Association Uptown is responsible for making our city that much better. Here’s what Margaret has to say:

Flower Power

“Hoboken Island Association Uptown had our bulb planting in October. The results are the tulip and daffodil gardens all the way to Willow this year! Too bad Ted and Jo’s is closed. They gave us a planting party Coffee and Cake honor every year. Will miss them..

Hoboken is alive with flowers! Flower Power all over the place, especially the island to WILLOW…People have been here all week taking pictures of the Baseball monument. Tourists from Japan, England etc. I have been talking to them and they love Hoboken, even just to visit!”

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The Island on 11th is encouraging. All of a sudden there are window boxes and little mini gardens all over. Flower Power is contagious. People look and see and yards bloom, front and back. Parks look nice with additional flower power. There is an organization of new people downtown and ours is uptown. Now we need one midtown! Spring is a happy time here.I love this town, old and new.


Yes, every year we organize, have a meeting at ALICE BROQUIST’s house and plan. Each of us has our own ideas. Bushes need to be replaced, TULIP and DAFFODIL bulbs every year, ( I did two year ones this year see what happens)….. Some only grow in the shade, some the Squirrels eat..(they love tulips and won’t eat the daffodil bulbs) The city “gives” us the leftover mulch from the parks and we spread that to keep the bulbs warm over the winter just before the winter. We buy the bulbs and get reimbursed from the donation funds that Alice collects. $ 10 for the year from each of us plus whatever the public donates. The politicians Cammarano, Cricco, the Mayor, give up the ten bucks so we always have enough to buy bulbs. Alice keeps the books and she is honest and cares. Checks all of the gardens and makes suggestions, but we still have our own color choices, choice of flowers, bulbs, etc. It is fun every year, but hard digging, each bulb must be planted a few inches away from the next, deep to three times it ‘s size, new dirt, which we buy ourselves, and maintained by taking the dead stuff out in a month and replacing it. The ivy covers over the dead stuff and hides it. Good plan having ivy as a ground cover. Check out the purple tulips coming up. A special needs student from Wallace wanted some Purple stuff in there, so… Read more »


Margaret thanks for the clarification. I was disoriented because I walked by on Park Ave, looked to the right (towards Wash) and saw the “Applied” sign, looked to the left (Towards Willow) and saw another “Applied” sign.

Silly (but serious) question – the tulips and daffodils really do look nice – but they are bulb plants, and the ones I have planted keep coming back reliably year after year after year, although some do seem to migrate outside of the flower bed. Do you end up planting new bulbs every year? How come?


No, Margaret’s spot is the monument past the second set of bushes. Alice Broquist is next on the opposite side of the Island on Bloomfield, etc. etc. We used to have 24 volunteers, I think it is down to about 14.

Applied has a spot on Willow that goes back about a half a block.

Come on out and help us in OCTOBER when we plant the bulbs.
For a little over a month it looks glorious. Then it all dies away til next year….A lot of work to make Hoboken beautiful.



[quote comment=”78712″][quote comment=”78695″]Don’t the signs there say that they’re maintained by Applied Housing?[/quote]

that is true.[/quote]

Only the one between Park and Willow. The rest are maintained by community volunteers.