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Top 10 Fear Porn topics – August 2015

Been tossing this idea around as of late. All the “fear porn” that dominates the so-called “news.”

While we try to stay 30,000 feet away from the daily “news” cycle, we still scan the headlines to get a pulse of what they’re spewing out on any given day or week. You need to understand society to properly navigate it, unfortunately.

But this compelled me to create a monthly Top 10 Fear Porn topics for the Hoboken, NJ area. This isn’t scientific by any means (feel free to add or subtract from the list), and may include local, state, national and international topics. And keep in mind – that some of the “fear porn” topics may have some merit – while most others typically do not. Up to you to sift through the haystack to find reality.

Fear Porn OMG Hoboken NJ

With that said – here’s the Top 10 Fear Porn topics for August 2015:

10. “Economic Collapse!” This may have some truth to it. No need to parrot all the “signs” that are there, nor do we need to flip through the history books to see all the other societal collapses mankind has endured. Think America is immune? “Hey, look – a bridge over there for sale!” Still makes for headline-grabbing fear porn nonetheless.

9. “Martial Law!” Hmmm. I wonder about this, all those military “exercises.” But something keeps me from buying into it. Oh, maybe 300+ million people? How do you contain them all? Never been done before! Sounds like a logistical nightmare. (Maybe they’re just waiting for the right technology?)

8. “Korea, China, Japan, Russia, WWIII…” Yeah, those other countries are getting a little restless (other than Russia – who is acting quite logically, actually). I’m just not so sure anyone on planet Earth is ready for some kind of dirty, large-scale clusterfuck. Maybe not in our lifetime. But we (U.S. of A) should probably tread a bit more carefully?

7. “Police State!” Yeah, this is getting kind of out of control (i.e., Nanny State). I believe this to be a real problem for the various state and local entities. Part of the problem is the diminishing middle-class. And the growth of the welfare-recipients. Simple math equation, really.

6. “Drought, fires, globull warming, armageddon!” Yeah, the wildfires are a hassle. But most other climate issues are truly just short-term. While others are completely non-existent. But you need to “seize every crisis” to further a political career. And boy are they turning up the volume to 11 on you-know-what. What I just did? Bought the warmest down jacket I could afford.

5. “Immigration!” That too, is pretty much a real problem. But the way most “MSM” document it – it doesn’t sound urgent to most people. You have to delve into the alternative media to get a taste of what it’s doing to ours, and many other countries. Si!

4. “Racial Tension!” Not sure about any of you – but if everyone turned off the TV (and other MSM online and print outlets), we’d probably have 90% less racial tension. What does that tell you?

3. “El Presidente!” We’re well over a year away from (the planned) 2016 Presidential Election. They’re racking up a lot of headline credits these days. More on this at a later date.

2. “Flooding” (Hoboken specific) – all sorts of crazy action for the “next Sandy!” Ask yourself this question – what if “Sandy” never happened. What would they be talking about? Would they be building “resilient streets,” “green roofs,” and flood barriers? Not nearly at this frenetic pace. Fear porn and opportunistic poilitcs at it’s finest.

1. “ISIS!” It must be something to fear. Did you see those HD productions? Crystal clear be-headings!

Turn off the TV for 30 days. Don’t sign into any social media. You’ll see that your own day to day issues are probably more important to YOU than the rest of that crap!

Give it a shot!

(And what will creep into the Fear Porn Top 10 list next month?)

PS – some out there try to assign the “fear porn” label to those nut-job “conservatives.” But anyone with half a brain can see that fear porn is a selling tool. For media. For government. For social control. Left, right, front and back. Disagree?

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Saturday, August 22, 2015 2:13 am

Good topic. Like the graphic too. Sums it up nicely. But we have friends in finance who were drinking like fishes tonight and worried beyond belief. They’re not looking forward to Monday. But my hubby didn’t seem worried and assumed everything will bounce back as expected.

Not sure!

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