Be happy you’re offended!

You are not free – unless you are offended!

2015 definitely is shaping up to be the “year of the offended.” We’ve already opined a couple times already this year (articles such as “You are not offended” and “Being offended is the worst trend ever…”) but it’s necessary to “see and raise” the awareness about the importance of why it’s GOOD to be offended.

be happy you're offended in America

What inspired me was a recent article about how “edgy” comedians are bagging politically-correct colleges – as well as this editorial in a north Jersey newspaper earlier summer:

America, yes, the beautiful

“The political-correctness craze sweeping institutions of higher learning has become, quite literally, un-American.

In keeping with an Orwelllian trend toward campus speech codes, the University of New Hampshire has published a “Bias-Free Language Guide” of words that may or may not be used by right-thinking people.

And among the terms declared off-limits is “American.”

Using the A-word is “problematic” because it “fails to recognize South America.” Approved alternatives: “U.S. Citizen” or “Resident of the U.S.” (which is short for United States of… oh, dear.)

The guide would also replace

  • “seniors” with “people of advanced age,”
  • “overweight” with “people of size,”
  • “poor” with “person who lacks the advantages others have,”
  • “rich” with “person of material wealth”
  • and “healthy” with “non-disabled.”

First posted two years ago, the guide exemplifies the mania for shielding college students from all conceivable offense – even if that means squashing the free exchange of ideas that should be the hallmark of academic life.”

Bring back offensive – FRONT AND CENTER!

Instead of being buried deep in news rags hardly anyone reads – these topics should be front page headlines every day – and on your stupid “feeds” at all times.

I guess this is the by-product of every coddled child getting a trophy for being a lame piece of shit, and never building strength from learning how to overcome being a retarded loser!

Yes that’s right – you should be HAPPY that we have the “freedom” to be offended as well as offensive – as long as we don’t infringe on anyone else’s person or property. What are words anyway?

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Friday, September 4, 2015 9:50 am

I’m sure you saw by now the crazy proposal by the Univ of Tennessee for “gender-neutral pronouns.”

Far from being a parody, it’s is a symptom of a social malignancy taking hold in this once great nation, looking to sweep away what worked and replace it with what feels good…to the forces behind the cancer. Praise be Diversity! Praise be Equalism!

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