Winter Weather Prediction

Hoboken Winter Weather Prediction 2015 – 2016

Hello, readers! This is an anecdotal, observational and completely non-scientific weather story – but that doesn’t mean it’s without reality!

It’s been more like the “longest spring ever!” and void of any real “heat waves” the local (stupid) media likes to fill their time slots with.

It’s only August 19th – and we have “technically” about a month left in meteorological summer – and a few 90-degree days qualifies as a “heat wave?” The summer of 2015 has been a cakewalk!

how much snow will we get this winter in Hoboken NJ - Winter Weather Prediction

Hurricane and Winter outlooks for the NYC Tri-State area

I read recently that the National Hurricane Center recently “downgraded” their original forecast. It’s like 40% less. It’ll more likely be like 90% less.

But here’s my forecast based on just human observation for the coming “winter.”

I think our “lower” summer was an indicator of winter of 2015 / 2016. Not necessarily precipitation – but overall temps. I’m guessing a couple degrees below historical average.

I cannot predict moisture levels or storm-front activity. They toss shit around like El Nino and La Nina – but I do not buy it. All fuzzy math and fuzzy science.

My initial “gut feeling” is that the northeast will be on the low-side for “coastal systems,” (i.e., minimal direct hit kind of guarantee).

However, I do think we are not out of the safe zone. Watch out for a massively disruptive storm to pummel the city of Hoboken. Don’t think it can’t happen.

And even worse would be many successive “moderate” storms one after another. Imagine how crippled the (inept) city would be if many 4-8″ storms hit in succession for two or three weeks? How our fabulous curb cuts will be systematically destroyed? There’d be a “salt shortage” and lots of finger-pointing.

I’m guessing this winter will be packed with headaches. Start searching around for winter-gear deals NOW!

Prediction: Worse winter than average. Don’t count on Hoboken.

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