Spreading ourselves thin

Modern humanity: Spreading ourselves thin?

Two recent posts on Hoboken411Social Media Feed and Are Humans Designed To Live So Close To Each Other? got me thinking.

How many of you see the “writing on the wall,” as to how we’re seriously “spreading ourselves thin?”

I’ll mention a few things that were quite different not too long ago…


communication overload spreading ourselves thin - Spreading ourselves thinI’m not knocking that Social Media Feed app project.

It’s just filling a niche that (for the sake of argument) can be filled. But think about how communication has changed our lives for the better and worse.

You can use your imagination (if you still have one), how things – before strides in technology were made. Face to face contact. Pony express. Word of mouth. More sincere, but at the same time – left us at the mercy of slow physics to get urgent matters more widely known.

Then we had printed word, radio, telephony, television. All still relatively tame. To look just at the positives – they allowed messages of importance to travel faster. But at the same time also allowed (false) messages to also propagate into the wild without “fact-checking.” And if someone did prove it to be false – they did not have the same means to re-distribute a rebuttal, etc.

Now we have dozens if not hundreds of “inter-connected” webs of social networks – each with their own gimmick. Six-second videos. Disappearing photos and videos. Live video streams. One sentence blips. You can call them distractions, sure – that’s one of the downfalls. But besides muddying the waters with utter nonsense, they also diminish the critical thinking of the masses. We all now think in “nuggets” and don’t truly find genuine solutions for anything.

This is why we now need layer upon layer of tools and apps to manage the extreme excess people are communicating complete and total bullshit to each other!

There has to be a better way. This is the exact reason why more and more people are “waking up,” and minimizing their use of these social tools. Unfortunately – most of those people are beyond the millennial generation and still have the ability to challenge conventional wisdom. All “new” generations do not have that feature in their brain.


food overload spreading ourselves thin - Spreading ourselves thinJust a couple hundred years ago – food was much much different. We had less than a billion people on Earth in the 1700’s. ALL food was natural, and required substantial work to produce. People were not obese. Most jobs required physical effort. Simple times for sure.

Today? Look at how many places you can buy foods of ALL types.

Gas stations, convenience stores, supermarkets, lunch trucks, vending machines, discount outlets, coffee shops, drive-through fast food, delivery, etc. Holy crap – is that not a huge shift from just a few centuries ago?

No longer is “eating” a communal event, where you bond with family and friends. It’s been reduced to a “eat on the run” energy bar and chemical-laden sugar drink. Worse than space rations!

And because of this commercialization (and relative “ease” to get just very temporary “satiation”) we now have a nation of diseased fatties who need exorbitantly priced pharmaceuticals, govt’ mandated “healthcare” and other bogus crap.

Food should be natural – and nowadays it’s everything but. (Hence the “revival” of healthy).

(We won’t even get into what happens when big companies start controlling the crops… that is just too much for some people…)


sex overload spreading ourselves thin - Spreading ourselves thinYou knew this would come up. “Sex” used to be private. Mainly for the purpose of furthering the human species, starting a family, etc. Sure – sex is “pleasurable” for that reason – for the ability to procreate. But the perversion of sex is a nasty by-product of our growing society.

Sexual “pleasure” has long over-taken the (real) purpose of sex itself (to spawn off-spring). It’s hard to argue against sexual activities, as they are indeed pleasurable. But somehow this obsession has overtaken rational thinking.

Back in the day – you met a member of the opposite sex, and you wanted to “be with them.” Hopefully, you were in your youth – and had a reasonably capable body. You formed an attraction with that person of interest – and you fornicated. Because there was no birth control back in the day – there was a good chance you’d be having a baby soon enough (and there goes the relative end of your “sex life.”) But people didn’t necessarily LIVE for sex lives. Sure some more than others – but I’m fairly certain sex was secondary to other more important aspects of living a long life.

Today – sex sells.

There are so many sexual outlets out there – it’s mind-boggling.

Sexy advertisements. Pornography sites. Sexual innuendo in movies. Sexual musicians and singers. Sexual dating websites. “Sexting.” News related sex (“nip-slips.”) Sexual degenerates (Cait.) And of course sexual scandals (Clinton, Cosby, etc.)

Sexual imagery is so prevalent in today’s society that it really, almost absolutely has removed the true closeness of being intimate with another person. The imagination is gone, along with the thrill. It is so “everywhere” that honest sexual “excitement” has been numbed-down so significantly that people are resorting to extreme ways to “get themselves off.”

Okay – enough complaining – what next?

unplugged spreading ourselves thin - Spreading ourselves thinWe could talk about many other aspects that are dwindling. Like government (this will not end well – thousands of “band-aid” laws, fees, regulations, etc.), political correctness, and much more.

But what are you (and people you know) doing to “get back to your roots?”

I know that’s just a catch-phrase – but I mean it.

It doesn’t just mean “eating organic,” or “farm to table” or other stupid buzz-phrases. Those are bullshit. They just make you feel better than others. Someone else is getting rich as a result.

What I mean is HONESTLY “unplugging.” Or at the very least – “simplifying” your lives?

Turn off your TV’s. Stop following celebrities, teams, and other empty shit. Prune your “friend list” down to trustworthy confidants that you’d trust with your life. Disconnect the radios. Build (or buy) a new book-shelf. Shut down your timelines.

Revive the phone call. Remember the weekly meetups. Save your personal stories for a later time. Write a letter or two. Print a photograph or carry an album. Learn the art of story-telling. As well as being selective.

I know my words are not lost – because I get feedback from like-minded individuals. Not as many as I’d prefer – because this is too “radical” for most to comprehend. But the world becomes much easier to identify once you’ve removed the useless distractions – and you start thinking more clearly.

Who knows. Maybe we’re ALL going to hell in a hand-basket regardless of our positions today. And maybe living life in a dream is the best way. But once you’ve opened your eyes, it’s next to impossible to go backwards.

Good luck to everyone, is all I can say!

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