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Social Media Feed – “born in Hoboken”

Hoboken resident Brian Schwartz has an idea and a dream – that his Social Media Feed app ( will get fully funded on Kickstarter – and make everyone’s lives easier.

What is Social Media Feed exactly?

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Our take? This app would be for the millions of people who voluntarily chose to complicate their lives with countless means for “communicating” with others.

Brian’s take?

“The goal is charmingly simple: to gather each person or business’s unique interests, content and profiles together across any number of platforms, and then present them all in one place for easy perusal, sharing, and publishing.”

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Hoboken Podcast: Social Media Feed creator Brian Schwartz

Hoboken411 and Hoboken Internet Radio chatted with Brian the other day – so you can hear about his project straight from the horse’s mouth:

Additionally – he created a minute-long video “intro” for his Kickstarter – so you can see the “man behind the curtain.”

Do you think this app is a good idea?

The Kickstarter project lives here until August 24, 2015:

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