Making schooling a free market

Is it possible to make schooling a free market?

The post we published recently about public pensions got me thinking.

Public schooling takes up a HUGE percentage of government budgets across the board. And with that, come those bloated pensions, and exorbitant salaries that certainly do NOT give anyone a respectable “return on their investment.”

So with that said…

Is free market schooling possible today

How can you reform education?

Had this wild idea.

That schools and education would be free-market, like any other capitalistic operation.

reform educationJust like a restaurant, bar, shoe repair, or auto mechanic. The good schools would survive (based on reputation, value, results), and the bad ones would go out of business (due to shoddy job opportunities, bad reputation, corruption).

Imagine what that would be like?

You could have thousands of different kinds of “micro-schools” in every area! Art based schools, blue-collar schools, technology schools, psychology schools. All from the time you felt like putting your kid in there.

But these horrific “mandates” (euphemism for “obey or else”) that kids have to take “standardized” tests, not be “truant,” and must follow the herd like obedient lemmings. Removing most, if not all true choice for how parents want to aid their offspring into adulthood.

Before regulations and stuff like that – kids became apprentices, or followed what their fathers or uncles did. Farming, machine-work, whatever. They learned useful life-skills, and brought those with them into the free markets.

I thought it’d be neat to have thousands of different “education” choices for your kids. You know, they’d teach the basics at first (say you can have some “fundamental” schools for reading, writing and math), then at a very young age – you can “test the waters” based on what your child was interested in.

All these little “shops” (schools, or “education centers”) that were run by “experts” of whatever specialty or genre there might be. You can even “mix and match” if you wanted. Three months at one school (say carpentry), then if that doesn’t work, another three months at a different place. (Read to truly understand how evil statist schools are… begin with “start here” in the upper left…)

Our choices for education are next to nil – especially if you’re not extremely wealthy.

Change the way employers “judge” prospects

Nowadays, your educational “credentials” seem to carry WAY too much weight.

No one should care what school you went to (prestigious or otherwise), as the INDIVIDUAL is the SOLE factor on whether competence is involved.

free market schoolsYour “badges” (popular in social sites), really don’t mean shit – unless you can truly back it up tomorrow and beyond.

The employers out there (if they have an ounce of character-judging ability beyond a resume), should be the ones who deem who’s worthy of working for their outfits. And where you became educated should not be a factor. The factor should be WERE you educated, and how can you APPLY said knowledge or skills. Do you see what I’m saying?

I’m sure if this ever panned out, you’d eventually have the “Walmart” of schools that taught everything – because that’s what happens in our society.

But the days of honest apprenticeships and real-world learning opportunities are almost gone (at least in and around big cities).

It’s time we looked back at our past to see what we did right back in the day. And maybe strive towards better, more sustainable times.

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