Uber Update {audio report}

Uber Update for Hoboken NJ

The whole Uber debacle seems to go in circles these days, with no clear winners so far.

Hoboken Internet Radio chatted briefly with Uber General Manager Anna Mahoney this week for some updates. But first, did you know?

  • Over 100k trips are booked each month in NJ, with over 40k riders
  • Over 9k drivers have “partnered up” with Uber in NJ

Uber (and their investors) continue to pay for most (if not all) legal fees drivers incur. Which means they’re heavily invested in this model and are even confident that they can get statewide legislation changed in their favor.

Either side of the fence you’re on – we still think no one should interfere with how people decide to enter into an agreement for a ride. Seriously! Why all this “regulating” of people?

Listen to the segment here:

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