Paving and water main repairs

Chicken & Egg – Does paving CAUSE water main problems in Hoboken?

So we noticed a trend this week about various (minor) water mains that were in need of repair along Bloomfield Street. First near 5th St., then a bit further south.

But after talking to workers today – apparently there are close to 10 (TEN) more “leaking water mains” and they’ll be making their way north to dig up the freshly paved roads, sending them back to the stone ages once again.

The bigger question is – what caused all these water mains to begin leaking in unison – to the point where immediate repairs were needed? Did the heavy equipment used for milling and / or paving CAUSE these mains to need repair?

Is this going to happen on each and every road that gets milled and paved?

Seems like a vital step was missing in this whole construction debacle: Maybe the pipes underneath should be “Stress-tested” prior to paving to ensure the “after-paving death rave” won’t be necessary. Because if it’s heavy equipment (milling machines and steam rollers), then why not just run similarly sized machinery up and down the street to get those broken mains fixed beforehand!?

Don’t you think something is out of whack here?

P1140235 - Paving and water main repairs

P1140234 - Paving and water main repairs

P1140236 - Paving and water main repairs

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This is just another example of the mis-management that comes along with the Zimmer administration. I was told today that in normal circumstances, the City Engineer is required to inspect the street BEFORE it is paved and after it is milled. Apparently, that didn’t happen. Also, it appears that the water line caps that were removed may not have been reinstalled properly. In any event, since taxpayers dollars are being used for this work, why isn’t the City Council clamoring for an immediate investigation?
I can understand the Zimmer puppets being silent, but what about the others? Why isn’t anyone demanding answers?
We all know, all too well, that the patches that were put in along Bloomfield Street will be potholes in a few months.
This is a disgusting waste of my tax dollars.