More roads wrecked!

Road wreckage continues in Hoboken…

Adding to our historic memory capsule today is yet another entry documenting how freshly paved roads are quickly stripped of their smooth surface.

This time along 6th Street, which was just paved weeks ago.

Don’t you remember when paved roads lasted a long time? Not measured in hours (literally!)

Such a shame.

What’s the point of paving? Roads wrecked again!

9/7/2015 Update:

What has happened in Hoboken since this “awesome” paving project began is beyond comprehension.

If provisions are going to be made to “smooth out” the roads (which are ranked #1 in NJ as “worst”), then don’t you think they’d try to cover their bases before all that hard work has to be “undone” without measures to rectify?

Anyway, more ugly “patches” along Newark St. this time.

Does anyone in Hoboken have plans to start a business selling replacement kidneys? If not – please do. And I’ll take my cut if you make your millions because of my stupendous idea.

Hoboken roads ripped up right after fresh paving again

Roads wrecked! Freshly paved Bloomfield St. rapidly in decline

8/5/2015 Update:

Looks like the “freshly paved” Bloomfield Street is getting blemished like an unlucky teenager these days.

Yesterday we showed you an area near 5th Street, and this activity below happened between 3rd & 4th Streets.

And it doesn’t matter if they do a “good job” on the patching of these holes. Because it always either settles, or becomes brittle quickly, resulting in yet more costly damage to the thousands of cars that dare brave these streets.

Bloomfield Street ripped up again 2

Bloomfield Street ripped up again 3

Bloomfield Street ripped up again 1

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So we had an election and many complainers did not put up a candidate nor vote in the election. Complaints won’t do a thing they will be promptly ignored unless you show up in a large protest or take to court.


Everything in town falling apart!


We’ve noticed this too. The streets are almost back to their original condition!