Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza

Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza in Hoboken?

Recently, a Hoboken411 commenter mentioned that Puerto Spain at 14th & Bloomfield was going to become an Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza location.

Puerto Spain (and many other places in Hoboken) have been “on the block” for quite a while, so it wouldn’t be much of a surprise. We’re still waiting to hear back from Anthony’s to confirm that rumor.

Anthony's coal fired pizza Hoboken NJ

But would Anthony’s Pizza do well in the Mile Square?

The Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza concept started 13 years ago in South Florida (nothing but strip malls and fake pizza like Domino’s). Owner Anthony Bruno essentially showed people down south (sort of) what it was like to eat (sort of) authentic brick oven pizza. They received stellar reviews across the “mainstream” media outlets.

They now have over 50 locations in six states (more than half in Florida).

Their locations in the “NYC tri-state area” are right on the edge of suburbia, so to say.

If true that they’re moving to Hoboken – that would be the closest to a major multi-cultural mecca they’ve ever been.

Do you think they’d be able to compete with (real) authentic Italian pizzeria’s? Not saying that Anthony isn’t a real Italian – but once you’ve expanded to several dozen locations – I’m sure grandma isn’t making the gravy in the kitchen. It’s done on a much larger scale.

But one thing for sure is, that once you start pulling volume like that – your possibilities for profit (while still maintaining some kind of quality) is that much better.

And maybe this is all that Hoboken can sustain these days. Multi-location chains.

(from the photos – the food does look good!)

UPDATE: We received an email from Anthony’s Director of Real Estate – and he said while they’re looking to continue expanding in New Jersey – no “imminent” location yet in Hoboken. (Which a savvy reader might also read between the lines – that it may very well be under contract review, etc.) So we’ll see what happens next!

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Tuesday, August 18, 2015 9:47 am

This is not true – unfortunately another great site represented by a regular residential broker.

Monday, August 10, 2015 1:00 am

I’ve had the pizza many times and it’s beyond good. It would put a hurting on other hoboken pizza places. In a bad way. I don’t know how healthy the ingredients are, but it’s good shit.

They’re growing fast for a reason.

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