Punishing Parking

Double edge sword: parking a losing proposition in Hoboken

They were milling 5th street recently. And they did it the day before normal street cleaning (can’t the coordinate it better?) That made parking 100 times worse than usual (and for at least the next few weeks).

But this poor sap got his SUV towed.

Why can’t they notify drivers? With all this technology abound, you’d think it would be a 5 minute app to set up. But no, when it actually helps people, and takes profit away from anyone (i.e., city hall coffers) – who would want to do that?

And if some generous programmer DID create a stupid app to get notified about parking regulations or whatever – the city lawyers would find some abstract legal clause to justify why they won’t use it. Screw ’em all!

parking headaches every day in Hoboken NJ

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There was an opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal on Thursday (‘Taxation by Citation’ Undermines Trust Between Cops and Citizens;
Too often local officials demand that police write more traffic tickets to bring in additional revenue.)

You should read (and more importantly, Zimmer and friends should read).

A state senator in Missouri trying to make sense of what happened in Ferguson has been pushing legislation to limit the amount of a town’s revenues that can come from parking and other nuisance tickets, on the basis that it is a bad way for police to interact with their constituents when there is real police work to be done.

Of course, with the fact that Hoboken’s property tax revenues are so high and the fact we have a special bureau that does the ticketing so as to not waste the time of real cops, we’d need more complicated legislation, but it got me wondering…