“Local Butchers”

Local butchers – how sustainable?

This follow up to a recent tweet we sent out – where we suggested that Hoboken was in dire need of more butchers. (We should have clarified that Hoboken could use a meat purveyor downtown again – since we still get to enjoy Truglio’s Meat Market uptown).

Hoboken local butchers we need more cow meat

Mass market meat stealing business?

Every major supermarket has dedicated meat, poultry and fish sections, most often with their own in-house butcher to slice and dice.

Is that part of the reason why we’re left with just one specialty butcher? But aren’t the meats of better quality at your local butcher?

The “local butcher” used to be the only place to get your choice cuts of beef – and I just wonder why (in populated areas at least) they’ve lost their clout. I mean you travel 100 miles into the country – and you’ll see many more butchers (per 1000 residents).

Is it that the folks in the country still understand where the meat comes from? And the fact that “city folk” are just too fast-paced and busy to have to make more than one stop for their weekly provisions?

Anyway, too bad Hoboken or Hudson County doesn’t have a dedicated Amish market. I’m sure it’s too costly and too far – but one can still dream.

Heck, whenever we have the chance – we try our hardest to pick up some seriously awesome meats at one of the closest Amish markets to Hoboken (about an hour drive). They may not be “certified organic” (which is a costly sham often costing 50% more just to have that designation), but the meats are delicious and fresh as hell. And remind me again, what’s the % of autism in the Amish community? Like next to zero?

Hmm, this food talk got me thinking. What’s for dinner? Some slide-off-the bone baby back ribs on the smoker? Or a tasty porterhouse?

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