Robotic Marketing

Robotic Marketing – what human would allow this?

The other day – we got an email from Amazon Local, one of the many “deal” site which rob local businesses and enjoy lavish use of stock images of pretty things to con people into consuming. I tend to call it “robotic marketing.”

I normally just delete these things, because we’ve resisted the curse that push marketing has on humanity (instead waiting until an actual need for something arises before we open our wallets.) But I was slowly waking up the other day, decided to check my email – and noticed this brilliant combination of “offers.”

Robotic Marketing in Hoboken NJ steak nail fungus - Robotic Marketing

Steaks & Fungus perfect mates!

Juicy steaks – and fucking nail fungus removal in the same email? One right after another?

There is NO way that anyone in their right mind would have had an appetite after seeing this email, and I can bet it was one of their lowest-performing e-blasts. I’d demand my money back if I were American Farmers Network.

And I’m fairly certain (although you can’t be too sure these days) that no human was involved in curating this list of offers. It was most likely a computer algorithm.

Does anyone else feel the “sterile” aspects of these mass digital robotic marketing efforts? Have you pushed back yet – or still stuck in the cycle?

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