“A Sickness of the Public Mind”

Below is an excerpt from a recent article over at The Unz Review regarding some “news” that has been making rounds this summer:

The Battle Flag and the Attack on Western Culture

“Too much misinformation has been generated recently about Confederate flags and monuments. A great amount of it floating about on the Internet is as palatable and useful as what my neighbor cleans up out of his horse paddock each week—although what my neighbor cleans out actually has a better and less pungent odor about it than most of the shoddy, culturally Marxist ideological agenda pieces I’ve read.

confederate battle flagBack in mid-June, after the Charleston shootings, the frenzied hue and cry went up and any number of accusations and charges were made against historic Confederate symbols, in particular, the Confederate Battle Flag, which is not as some supposedly “informed” writers called it, “the Stars and Bars.” (The Stars and Bars is a completely different flag with a totally different design—this error is an indication of those writers’ supine ignorance).

The best way to examine these charges in a short column is point by point, briefly and succinctly.

First, the demand was made that…” [Continue reading “A Sickness of the Public Mind” here.]

Why does society focus on these things?

The author continues to point out what they believe are historical inaccuracies – meanwhile the commenters get “up in arms” over what one persons said and believes versus what another person said and believes.

I’m certainly in the minority here, but I look at this story (and thousands of others like it) more from a societal perspective. Why is everyone taking the bait?

Sure, there are occasional times that it makes for cordial conversation to opine about some recent event. But we have people draining their emotions over things like lions 1000’s of miles away, or other subjects that have zero impact on their lives. None.

Why should that worry you? Well, because we live IN a society – it’s kind of important to see what direction the “hive mind” is going.

I’d suspect that if we all have time to debate meaningless minutiae about lands far away – then much is going unattended right here in our backyard.

And that’s my $0.02 for today.

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Both the flag and lion hysterias are mere scirmishes in the growing civil war between Goodwhites and Badwhites, the latter of which are viewed by Goodwhites as gap toothed hill billy rednecks who might even be (gasp) conservative.

Since Goodwhites control the megaphone we hear their side of the story, and views all the time. Ditto for their moral preening.

In the case of the lion I can pretty much assure you that if the shooter was African, Asian, South American, etc we would have never heard of the matter. This was Zimbabwe for petes sake. Megafauna is slautered all the time in that hellhole. Because he was some Midwestern YT the Megaphone shouts “Badwhite! Badwhite!” and the Goodwhites across the land clutch their pearls and seethe in moral outrage on account of their benighted enemy.