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Complete Nutrition & Wellness – 101 Park Ave. – Hoboken, NJ

Moving from 80 Park to 101 Park Avenue is Complete Nutrition & Wellness.

Complete Nutrition and Wellness offers all sorts of programs for nutrition, detoxification, weight loss, pre and post natal care. Even “kitchen makeovers.” They’ll analyze your blood and body fat if that’s required.

Consultations are costly, though – several hundred dollars for “initial” visits (and a new buzz category I’ve never seen before “first followup” which costs more than subsequent follow ups.)

They also peddle supplements for almost every known condition. Sounds like a complete business model for sweet profits!

complete nutrition and wellness hoboken NJ

Isn’t this stuff now common knowledge?

While it appears they offer solid data and effective plans (not knocking them at all), isn’t this information now considered “widely known?”

All the nutritional info they provide can be discovered for free online. I mean, this is just “healthy” living, isn’t it? Is there still a need for “specialists” like this who have the “holy grail” of information the peasants are not privy to?

Or are these guys just good experts on motivation?

Are people still unable to get to the bottom of their own health and body problems?

Regardless, Complete Nutrition and Wellness does offer some services that you just can’t do on your own: testing and analysis of hair, GI tract, hormones and glands. People who may still suffer from ailments such as IBS would find that available option quite helpful.

Check ’em out!

Description: Full service health stop for all your nutrition & wellness needs.
Address: 101 Park Avenue, Suite 3, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: (201)238-2720
Online: completenutritionandwellness.comTwitterFacebook

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Thursday, September 17, 2015 2:48 pm

The analysis and recommendations made by the nutritionists here go well beyond something you could Google on your own. As you mentioned, their various stool, hair, urine and blood analyses help detect issues that wouldn’t otherwise been discovered by a general practitioner or anywhere else. I have had several of their tests done and they’ve been very helpful in identifying healthy foods I should be avoiding based on the results. Here I am eating my broccoli and leafy greens, snacking on almonds only to find out these things are seriously messing with my GI tract and exacerbating existing conditions. A lot of what I’ve had explained to me at my appointments has been extremely technical but very helpful. I thought I knew a lot about nutrition and healthy eating prior to some of these tests but Inna has definitely opened up a whole other world of issues and concerns I would have never been able to find and address on my own. This service clearly isn’t for people who just wants tips on how to eat better, it’s more for those who have already tried that and are still don’t know what’s wrong with them. Don’t knock it til you try it!

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