Hugs & Bugs Club

Hugs & Bugs Club – Sensory Play for Hoboken kids

Hey parents – have you heard of the Hugs & Bugs Club for little tykes in Hoboken?

Hugs Bugs Club Hoboken NJ - Hugs & Bugs Club

Started up earlier this summer at the Mason Civic League location at 12th & Washington, it’s a way to encourage your children to explore their sense, socialize and learn sign language.

It involves “Sensory Play,” which are various activities to stimulate their senses. You know like touching stuff, smelling, tasting, listening, and seeing. Apart from meddling at home in drawers full of sharp knives, shocking electrical outlets, and spinning blades – these sensory activities are “kid safe.”

Also part of these six-week classes are early socialization (getting along and communicating with others), and sign language too. We think sign language is a pretty cool idea (along with all sorts of other non-verbal forms of communicating). Very important for everyone to know (not just kids).

They currently offer three packages for three different age groups (limited to 8 kids):

  • Belly Babies & Cute Crawlers (Newborn – 12 months)
  • Wobbly Walkers (12 months – 18 months)
  • Daring Dashers (18 months – 2 ½ yrs old)

Their fall session starts up on September 8th (final location to be determined), and costs $180 for each child.

They do birthday parties too.

Description: Interactive learning & play group for teeny tiny children
Address: (Currently at 1200 Washington – future locations TBD)
Online: hugsandbugsclub.comPinterestFacebook

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