Simply Juiced

Simply Juiced – 262 First Street – Hoboken, NJ

An interesting, one-of-a-kind food establishment opened up at 262 First Street a week ago: Simply Juiced.

The motto for Simply Juiced is “To the Wealth of your Health,” and by now you’ve figured out that everything they produce and sell is healthy.

They’re all about organic. And not just smoothies and juices (which are a big part of their offerings), but also mixed salads, assorted sandwiches, and even healthy chocolates and puddings.

Besides organic – they’re also all about “sustainability.” From healthy ways to clean their equipment, to distilling the God-awful municipal tap water to ensure the least amount of “foreign substances” that you put into your body.

Simply Juiced has one of the cleanest, most sanitary kitchens / prep-areas I’ve seen in recent times.

And the owners are positively passionate about what they do, and are still in the midst of tweaking their menu – so stay tuned for that. We happened to like their coolers up front – which were laid out like that on purpose. Not stuffed to the gills with commercial products – but only a limited amount of freshly prepared juices and food, along with an explanation of everything that they contain.

So go ahead, stop by and introduce yourself. They’d be more than happy to share the good things they’re bringing to the neighborhood!

PS – great juices for recovering from bad hangovers from the night before. “Inquire within!”

Description: Healthy Juice bar and other food products.
Address: 262 First Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: (201)420-8888

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