2015 Hoboken RBI Girls Softball Team

2015 Hoboken RBI Girls Softball Team: Regional Champs

Hoboken resident Teddy wanted to share the good news about a local recreational sports league – and how the 2015 Hoboken RBI Girls Softball took home the regional crown – and have the chance to be king of the hill!

“The 2015 Hoboken RBI girls softball team won the Northeast Regional Championship in Rhode Island over the weekend.

They leave on Aug 4th to participate in the RBI World Series for the sixth year in a row.

They started off by winning Sectionals in Newark defeating North Bergen, Jersey City (Roberto Clemente) and Newark. They went on to Rhode Island to defeat Jersey City, Boston and New York. Did I mention they’re undefeated?”

In case you didn’t know – Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities (RBI) will be entering its 26th year of play in 2015. From its inception in 1989 through the 2015 season, RBI has grown from a local program for boys in South Central Los Angeles to an international campaign encompassing more than 200 cities and as many as 200,000 male and female participants a year. In 2010 Jr. RBI was launched, designed to create new playing divisions that provide baseball and softball opportunities for children ages 5-12 that also serve as a feeder to the current RBI 13-18 baseball and softball divisions.

Here’s a pic of the winning team. Wish them good luck for next week’s championships series.

Hoboken RBI Girls Softball Regional Champs 2015 - 2015 Hoboken RBI Girls Softball Team

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