Found Cat

Found Cat in Hoboken – is he yours?

Hoboken resident Chris found a cat last night near the Northern Soul bar downtown.

“A long-haired male tabby, not neutered and extremely friendly. He approached everyone!

Definitely looks to be a domestic cat that has to belong to someone (not feral for sure). It let me carry him home eight blocks and just snuggled with me. It’s small, but looks to have adult teeth. Maybe the owners just didn’t get around to fixing him yet. Was hungry and thirsty, and thin – but no emaciated.

So he must not have been out on the street long.”

If not Hoboken, maybe nearby Jersey City?

If you or anyone you know might be the owner of this cat – give Chris a shout or text at 917-362-8009.

Found Cat Hoboken NJ tabby

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Tuesday, July 28, 2015 2:53 pm

People SUCK! “carried him home 8 blocks” ? dude, you are exempt from my prior comment…good job! keep the cat.

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