New York Harbor Jet Ski

New York Harbor Jet Ski – Hoboken, NJ

Not sure how many of you know this – but a couple months ago, New York Harbor Jet Ski launched in Hoboken from the Shipyard Marina uptown.

The premise is quite simple. You rent Jet skis! Pick a “tour” which cost about $150 per hour (add $40 if you want a 2nd passenger).

They have short one-hour tours of the New York City Harbor – or more lengthy tours like the Manhattan Circle ( $300 – 2 hours – self explanatory) or the three hour “Grand New York City Tour,” ($425).

All rentals include wetsuits, riding gear, and safety equipment, as well as a trained tour guide who will ride with you to ensure your safety in the busy waterway.

Last time I rode a Jetski down at the Jersey shore, I think the rentals were only $40 an hour. Maybe these are the going rates nowadays. But for two people to ride separate vessels and taking the grand tour would cost close to a grand! Can’t you get complete vacations for that kind of dough?

New York Harbor Jetski Hoboken NJ - New York Harbor Jet Ski

Description: Jet Ski Rentals
Address: Shipyard Marina, Hoboken, NJ
Phone: 646-589-5953

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