How to serve beverages

How to serve beverages (to go)

One of my favorite newer places in Hoboken is Vivi Bubble Tea (117 Washington). Mainly because I like a well-run operation (and the chicken bites are pretty tasty – and a decent value).

But while the teas are a bit on the pricey side (for me at least), they do something that is absolutely awesome (and unique in Hoboken): They “seal” the plastic lid onto the cup.

That is absolutely brilliant, and you never have to worry about the lid popping off like it does frequently at other places, as the plastic becomes more shoddy, thin and “floppy.” You can even drop this cup, and suffer minimal losses.

This is the way all “to go cups” should be at every establishment, and I hope this trend catches on!

Vivi Bubble Tea sealed beverage

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