Yep. It’s hot in Hoboken!

Do people really forget how hot summer can be in Hoboken?

hot summer heat in Hoboken NJ

“It’s so Hot in Hoboken…”

Before we get on with our rant about common sense – we sent Alice Stockton-Rossini of Hoboken Internet Radio down to Church Square Park and then to the PATH station to ask people to finish the sentence: “It’s So Hot…”

Take a listen.

Common Sense is hard to maintain, apparently

Every year without fail – each time there is a heat wave in Hoboken, the city opens up what are called “cooling centers,” which essentially boil down to property-taxpayer funded air conditioning.

Besides the obvious question “should local governments be obligated to heat or cool other people?” you ever wonder why they publish these “emergency safety tips” time after time?

Tips such as:

  • Don’t go outside, if you have trouble tolerating the heat, idiot.
  • Drink water, so you don’t die of dehydration, you fool!
  • Backyard fire-pits not recommended.
  • Don’t be a sicko and lock helpless people or pets in an oven called your car.

They even proceed to tell you to rob yourself of essential vitamin D by clogging your pores with sunscreen.

Is society so dumb that they need to be reminded of what to do each and every season? And perhaps if people cannot handle these so-called “extremes,” why do they continue living in them? Wouldn’t you find a more temperate place to live?

Seems like people were a lot tougher back in the day without all this coddling and fanfare.

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