Hoboken411 – Two Years!


hoboken411-party-flier-never-happened.pngBeen so busy as of late, I let the two-year anniversary of Hoboken411 slip by.

Was thinking about it a few months ago, and originally wanted to plan some kind of anniversary party (like at the Elks Club or something, free booze, hot shot girls, etc) but I never got around to it!

Running a site like 411 by yourself is not an easy task, and I’m a bit surprised I’ve been able to maintain it. With 10,000 registered readers, close to 80,000 user comments, and millions of pageviews monthly, it’s certainly a hot online spot in town. It’s become a responsibility now as well.

But I have no intention to stop, and will only keep forging ahead. I also have some technology upgrades and other fun things planned for this year to accommodate the surging traffic.

If you’re an avid supporter of the site, and what it stands for, your continued support would be very much appreciated.

Appreciate Hoboken411?

There’s a couple ways you can show it.

  • If you’re a business owner in town, and would like to promote your business, you can do so by advertising on the most-read site in town, at the most affordable rates. It’s a win-win situation. You can email me at Hoboken411@gmail.com to find out more, or to set up a meeting.
  • hoboken411-paypal-donation-button.gifOtherwise, a contribution via PayPal would also gladly be accepted. Many people wonder how I make a living, and I do it via advertising and support from readers. Even though the site is highly trafficked, it’s still a struggle to make it since 411 is a localized, niche site.

    Click the button to be taken to the PayPal site.

Thank you all again for making Hoboken411 a valuable resource in our community. Hopefully, it’ll stick around for a long time to come.

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will remember not to use all caps. will still be fair and keep sending info. Your site is good for alerting the public to the goings on here. I just heard about the accident in front of the ELKS and was asleep on this one. Don’t miss much, I live here…just like you do…vacation next week for me, and I will be out of town…for a change…


It’s your ,411’s, site, period.

BTW, congrats!


[quote comment=”78409″][quote comment=”78407″]WTF is going on ??? I’m in withdrawal.[/quote]

The crooks won the BOE elections b/c not enough taxpayers went to the polls. So it is business as usual in our little cleptocracy![/quote]
I meant with the site being down.


[quote comment=”78404″]I LIKE YOUR SITE…but you need to be MORE FAIR and present all sides of POLITICS HERE….not only your faulted choices…
People are smarter here than you think…advertise for all of us, not just some of us…[/quote]

huh? the offer is always out there for candidates to post if they please and I’m sure 411 would give mayor quimby his own area if he cared to ever respond to posters criticizms if he even cared.