shopping tips is great – but planning makes it better

Many of you have dabbled with the new online shopping option And as you might be aware – we were “day one” beta testers for Jet, and have watched them grow and fine-tune their interface. money saving tips Hoboken NJ - shopping tips

While far from perfect, you can really save some substantial bucks if you shop carefully. Here’s a few tips I can share with you:

  1. For consumables – volume is your friend. If you buy something regularly and can guarantee you’ll eventually use it – buy as many as they allow (or you can afford – or have space to store). The discounts get higher and higher the more quantity you buy. Consider “group buying” as well – get some friends to chip in if you need help help building volume.
  2. If you see something crazy cheaper than other places – buy it up as soon as you can. They’ve raised prices for stuff I got INSANELY cheap (after) – but will honor the price you have in your cart most of the time. This anomaly will probably not last, though.
  3. They’re still rough around the edges with their search – and their selection. They’re new still. Double-check your search on Amazon to be sure. And…
  4. Use their help and feedback emails ( and they are super nice and respond professionally. Nice to have “English” speaking people tend to your issues. And they’ll rather quickly adjust prices.
  5. Never buy a book or DVD from them unless you want brand new. I buy all my books and movies from Amazon used – for super-cheap.
  6. Lastly – get used to slower shipping. It’s probably a good thing to not be spoiled by “Prime” one or two day shipping. Kind of builds character.

Naturally – there might be sales at other places that will net you lower prices (like “buy one get one free” type sales), so don’t assume will always be the lowest price out there.

Overall – we still love Jet – and if (or until) they screw up – they’ll be in our rotation!

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